GAITF  "Where the Technology Lights Learning..."

Global Academy Institute of Technology Foundation (GAITF) School is now ready for Digital Learning with our Virtual and e-Learning Platform!

Virtual learning is defined as learning that can functionally and effectively occur in the absence of traditional classroom environments (Simonson & Schlosser, 2006). In a publication which examined the quality and extent of online education, Allen and Seaman (2003) defined a blended learning course as “having between 30% and 80% of the course content delivered online” while they considered an online course as having “at least 80% of the course content delivered online”. In both definitions, it necessitates instructors having a clear understanding of the role of an effective online instructor, one which differs greatly from that of their face-to-face counterpart.

Online learning has come a long way since its early champions saw it as a supplement to classroom learning. Skeptics initially questioned the viability of the new model, wondering if it would provide the right levels of support, curriculum, and engagement needed to ensure student success. And while online learning has more than proven itself to be both an alternative to and complementary offering for traditional classroom instruction, some misconceptions still persist.


A private non-sectarian institution of learning, envisions itself as a world-class academic institution, dynamic and progressive Education Institution, developing highly skilled, community/extension service and to produce a discipline and competitive graduates.

The institution is committed to provide quality education, empowering competent, responsible individuals, moral and ethical values and to produce highly desired graduates for growth sectors of the economy.


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